Preparing For Your Corporate Portrait

Portraits for professional use shouldn't be difficult. However, we have met many professionals who come unprepared or jittery on the day of the shoot. Here are some quick and useful tips for you to look great – and create a strong impression with your portraits on either LinkedIn or Facebook. 

  • Please have enough rest and water the day before. Avoid oily or spicy food a few days before too. This gives you an added natural 'glow' to how you look on the day of the shoot. 
  • Wear what you feel most comfortable in and that reflects who you are.

For Men

  • Consider bringing two blazers/jackets that you use for work. 
  • For your well-cut shirts, keep it simple – just one colour will do. Avoid dots or stripes.
  • Bring at least two ties that we can mix and match during the session.
  • Here are some examples of business and smart casual attire respectively. 

For Women

  • A simple and basic amount of make-up always helps. A minimal use of photoshop helps keep the portrait authentic.
  • If you can get your hair done before the shoot, that will be ideal. Alternatively, consider using hair spray or gel to prevent loose strands of hair on the face.   
  • Consider a well-fitted business suit with white shirt. Bring an additional jacket to have an alternative look. A scarf or shawl can provide for a different look. Avoid dots or stripes. 
  • Here are additional ideas for your inspiration.